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We understand and appreciate that our products are used in the most critical RF systems, and we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and prompt support of your application related challenges. Review our FAQs to find some common answers, and send us your Technical Support requests using this form. We promise to direct your request to the proper personnel and respond within 24 hours.


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Where can I find other RF products for UAVs?

Triad RF can build most of the critical parts of the RF chain, but if you are looking for other products such as antennas, propulsion, sensors and vehicles, please try our distributor Unmanned Systems Source. They can be found at

Is Triad RF Systems, Inc. independently owned and operated?

Yes. We are a privately held company and internally funded. We presently have no interest in outside funding.

What sort of heat-sinking / cooling methods are required on Triad RF module-form products?

Many of our product lines come equipped with sufficient heat-sinking for operation without the need for cooling fans under lab/bench-top conditions. A “max convection cooled ambient temperature” specification is provided for all products that have heat-sinks integrated into their housings. When operating above that maximum, sufficient airflow will be required to keep the unit within its safe operating temperature range. Consult your Triad RF sales representative or technician for documentation that will guide you on how much airflow will be required for your application.

What types of radios are Triad RF products compatible with?

Triad RF products are compatible with almost every commercial TDD or FDD radio system utilizing any type of modulation, from single carrier CW/FM to high peak to average OFDM signals such as 802.11, 802.16 and DVB. The PA module is modulation agnostic and its pre-distortion circuitry will automatically adapt its correction coefficients for optimal linearity. The only precautions that need to be observed are as follows:
a. Ensuring that the input power to the module is at or below the maximum input level specified on the spec sheet.
b. Check that the module is powered by a DC supply that has enough wattage output to ensure that the DC voltage does not drop below the minimum input voltage on the spec sheet.

How do I get products repaired?

Triad RF will repair any damaged or malfunctioning amplifiers. You can submit a support ticket at our website’s Help Desk. An agent will respond quickly to help facilitate the repair process. Conversely, you can call us to set up a return order and we will make sure to re-mediate any issues with our products.

Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?
Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours when your order is submitted and you will also receive an e-mail confirmation which includes the AWB/Tracking Number once your order has shipped.
Tech Brief Describes How to Increase Channel Capacity in RF Data Links


Tech Brief Describes How to Increase Channel Capacity in RF Data Links

Tech Brief Helps Make Build or Buy Decision of ISR Data Links


Tech Brief Helps Make Build or Buy Decision of ISR Data Links

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