Rack-Mount / Bench Top Products

Rack-Mount / Bench Top Products

Triad products are available in Rack Mount and Bench-Top form factors. Basic assemblies utilizing a single PA to multi-function, multi-channel, MIMO Bi-Directional Amplifier systems are possible using our flexible chassis architectures, which are available in EIA-standard sizes from 1U - 5U.


Our 19” Rack platforms can be purchased off the shelf - or equipped with additional features to yield an RF solution that merges RF power, monitoring, control into a single package. Our Rack Customization Overview sheet goes over the options available.

Bench-Top Units are ideal for lab environments and RF test platforms. They include many of the same features that the rack mount units offer but in a more compact form.

Traid benchtop unit
Triad benchtop unit

Both product lines offer features that enable monitoring and control of the system both at the local (front panel) level, and remotely through many industry-standard communications methods.


Flexible Architecture

  • Highly configurable to accept multiple PAs, LNAs, BDAs, Switched Filter Banks, and any other RF function blocks
  • Wide input, 85-264 VAC supply voltage with DC supply options available


Advanced Control and Monitoring

  • LCD readouts and touchscreen control panel options gpt
  • Remote control and monitoring via browser-based GUI, Ethernet, Serial, or SNMP


Designed for Reliability

  • Racks designed to withstand and screen for many ground / air vehicle MIL-STD-810G test methods. Ruggedized racks are built for MIL-S-901D shock requirements
  • Forced air or liquid cooling available with hot-swappable fans


Our listing of COTS products is below, but MOTS (Custom Modified) units are our specialty - contact us for more information

 Rack Mount
 Bench Top
Rack-Mount / Bench Top Products
ModelFrequency Low
Frequency High
P1dB dBm (Typ)Tx Gain
Supply Voltage
Psat (Typ)Housing
30060005585-26444Rack Mount PA
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