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Triad RF Systems is an innovative designer and manufacturer of RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems for challenging environments. Founded 10 years ago by three industry veterans with a combined 65 years of engineering expertise, Triad builds on an outstanding track record of providing high-performing products that meet the stringent SWaP requirements of military and commercial wireless communications, Satcom, radar, and ISR / electronic warfare applications. Our management team now oversees the next phase of innovation that — true to our mission — pushes the limits of data and distance performance standards while delivering the quality that our customers demand.

Triad builds better radio systems

We’re Here to Help You Achieve the Data and Distance Reliability You Need

As designers of RF amplifiers and high-power radio systems, we don't buy the tools we need to close RF links, we build them. Our relentless commitment to achieving optimal radio communications and dynamic, long-distance link performance has fueled the development of an unmatched line of products that extend the range of standard radios by other leading manufacturers. We leverage an intimate understanding of what it takes to solve your most challenging RF system challenges as we design, manufacture, and test our products to the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and more.


We also understand the importance of speedy deliveries and have consequently teamed up with suppliers and distributors that share our vision. With products available to ship from stock, we can typically build any custom order in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Our Mission

Triad customer engagement

Create Optimal Solutions

We strive to personally engage on every sale so we can understand all your pain points and use our radio system experience to deliver the exact solution you need. We’re your external engineering partners and experts in the art of RF power amplification.


Meet Delivery Requirements

Our in-house team and our entire supply chain unite around efficiency to keep parts and finished goods on-hand to meet every delivery requirement.


Stay Lean and Competitive

While upholding top quality standards, we never lose sight of minimizing overhead costs and staying ahead of the innovation curve to achieve maximum global competitiveness.

Triad: Customer Driven

Personifying "Customer-driven"

By creating a culture that centers on customized service, from design to service delivery, we remain perfectly in tune with customer demands as the RF communication landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Rather than wait for trends to emerge, years of experience in the RF/Microwave industry enable us to foresee needs and introduce feature-rich, ultra-efficient solutions that set the standard for others.


We would be thrilled to leverage our expertise on your behalf to help you optimize your platform’s RF communication to maximize performance or build an integrated, full-function radio system that meets the requirements of your most challenging applications.

Triad products are installed and supported in the following countries

Triad products are installed and supported in the following countries
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