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Triad’s heritage as an advanced RF system and multi-function module supplier allows us to work closely with many unmanned systems firms, prime contractors, integrators, and manufacturers of the most advanced radio systems in the industry. 


We work with world-leading UAS companies to integrate, test, and troubleshoot ISR data links with the help of our range-extending BDAs and multi-function RF systems. In that time, we encountered countless ISR links that were not even close to closing the link distance they were designed for due to many controllable factors. We eventually became experts on all aspects of the ISR Data Link system, quickly identifying common problems and improving integration methods across all subjects, including RF, Power Supply, and Electromagnetic Interference


We offer Advanced Data Link services to better serve our customers. Our team has the winning formula for creating ISR links on any platform imaginable, operating anywhere from UHF to Ku band at distances exceeding 200km. We utilize our THPR-series custom crafted radio systems,with a field-proven line of antennas.


Below we’ve listed products and datasheets relevant to this application type. If you have questions regarding our products or areas of expertise, please get in touch today!

Product Description Datasheet
Turn-key ISR Link Design / Manufacture Services Through the introduction of our ISR Link Services Division, Triad leverages decades of experience manufacturing RF hardware for world-leading UAS. We have become a trusted partner in the design, manufacture, and fielding of ultra-long range, high-data rate links. Using our in-house designed High Power Radio Systems (THPRs), BDA modules, and our new product line of Auto Tracking Antenna Systems, we’re generating a track record of engineering links that are a fraction of the cost, size and power consumption of the competition. Download our Advanced Data Link Services brochure to review our past successes, learn our process, and see how we can engineer a solution using the radio of your choice. downloadPDF
TTS 2.0 Tracking System
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
Compact, mobile tracking antenna system that seamlessly integrates with Triad’s THPR high power radio systems. 100-200 mile MIMO links are easily achieved for high capacity HD video and IP based, mesh-networked MANET links. The TTS is gimbal-stabilized with an internal INS and AHRS system, and uses Cursor On Target (CoT) data from the radio, or an external GPS source to perform auto acquisition and tracking with no user intervention required. A variety of single through quad antenna and feed configurations are available for all bands from UHF, L,S, and C, up to Ku Band. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
THPR Series Radios
L to X-Band 4W Upconverter Amplifier
Triad’s THPR Series combines industry-leading radios in their OEM / Embedded Module forms with Triad’s state-of the art MIMO bi-directional amplifiers and RF sub-assemblies. This eliminates the need to integrate disparate stand-alone components, when greater range or data throughput is needed over stock radio performance. The THPR solution is of significantly lower SwAP than traditional radio-accessory integration. It also enhances the overall usability of the system by incorporating innovative SoC-based RF monitoring, with real-time power measurements and antenna diagnostics. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
TSYS10xx  Triad designed the TSYS radio series as a Dual-Band, Quad MIMO, High Data Rate MANET Radio for an international maritime platform to enable ship/shore to ship/shore/air communications in excess of 50 Mbps via a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). The TSYS radio series utilizes a Silvus Technologies SC4400 radio and enhances its capabilities by boosting its power up to 200W composite across any band the radios support (400 – 6000 MHz). The TSYS radio series provides two bands for primary and alternate operations, and can be supplied with FIPS140-2 Level 2 encryption. The TSYS provides a SNMP interface for remote control via a Communications Management System (CMS). The unit is designed to pass extremely harsh environmental and electrical test methods including MIL-STD-901D and MIL-STD-461 EMI, and has passed all of these tests as part of its current installation. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
L to X-Band 4W Upconverter Amplifier
The TTRM1192 is an example of the sophisticated, detailed integration work performed when Triad is chosen as your ISR link engineering partner. This assembly was custom-designed for a long range UAS. It integrates a DTC Solo8 Mesh transmitter, a video encoder card, and a customized Triad BDA that is capable of 3W of linear OFDM output. An amplifier bypass function is built in to conserve power when close to the GCS, and turn the BDA on at long distances when an SNR increase is required to maintain the link. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
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