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A new generation of advanced UAV detection and defense products have been developed to combat the increasing threat posed by remotely-operated aerial systems. These Counter-UAS systems are tasked to identify, jam, interdict, and defeat everything from purpose-built, military-grade aircraft to weaponized hobby drones. It' a very challenging task to deny and control the wide range of RF spectrum these products operate in.


Increasingly complex Software Defined Radios used in C-UAS systems require advanced RF amplification. Our ultra-broadband, compact GaN RF amplifiers, BDAs, and multi-function RF modules are tailored for maximum efficiency while supporting highly modulated waveforms such as OFDM. Our work with Counter UAS customers over the past several years has yielded a wide offering of off-the-shelf broadband amplifier solutions. However, our agile design team also designs custom RF products to meet unique C-UAS systems designs for both fixed and mobile environments. We can accommodate nearly any system-level environmental or electromagnetic compliance requirement. Most products are at a minimum designed for / screened to several MIL-STD-810G environmental conditions and MIL-STD-461 EMI / EMC requirements.


Below we’ve listed products and datasheets relevant to this application type. If you have questions regarding our products or areas of expertise, get in touch today!

Product Description Datasheet
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
This module is designed for SDR-based C-UAS systems that receive, perform signal processing on the target, and re-transmit. It is a 30-2700 MHz 8W Bi-Directional amplifier that features 36 dB Tx and 22 dB Rx gain in a 4 oz package. This unit supports Tx/Rx switching that can be triggered manually or through auto-detection with its broadband input detector circuitry. It also incorporates internal DC-DC conversion to support any input voltage in the range of 12-30VDC. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
A 300-6000 MHz module featuring 30W of RF output power and 45 dB gain. This unit can operate from an input voltage of 12-28VDC since it contains an internal 2:1 DC DC converter. This module’s output power, bandwidth, and high gain characteristics have been fit into a 2.3 x 3.75 x 0.95” package - a form factor that is unmatched in the industry. Read more » downloadPDF
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
Suitable for low-band UHF to L-Band jamming, this unit covers 20-1000 MHz and exhibits a gain of 47dB. It utilizes high power GaN devices to achieve nearly 40W Pout, with a high power added efficiency of 32 to 49 percent across the band. As with all Triad products, it offers wide bandwidth and high power in a compact package. Read more » downloadPDF
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