Our line of RF Power Amplifiers (SSPA) products utilizes various RF device technologies in order to meet our customer’s requirements…Learn More
For High Performance Data Links
These modules contain both a PA and LNA sections that can be TX/RX switched either automatically by detecting the RF Tx burst, or….Learn More
For Changing Mission Demands
Tx and Bi-Directional products that contain up- and down-conversion sections, enabling radio systems to communicate in other bands….Learn More
Single and Multi-Function Systems
Everything we make is available in a Bench Top or Rack-Mountable configuration, with an available color touch-screen control interface…Learn More

Commercial and Mil-Grade Solutions
All products can be configured for tower mounting or outdoor use with specifically designed housings…Learn More
Low-Cost Single & Multi-Tone Units
USB controlled signal generators for your lab or auto-test applications. Available from 100 MHz to 4 GHz…Learn More
Narrowband and Wideband Models
We offer a selection of low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) that combine low noise figures with high linearity…Learn More
Tailored to Application-Specific Needs
We’ll ensure 100% compliance with every detail of your requirement, and utilize state-of-the-art RF design…Learn More

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What Our Clients Say…

Triad provided a solid state amplifier solution that met all our technical requirements, our cost points and arrived on schedule. They provided a design that was robust and well thought-out. Their solution was small, light and power efficient; much better than the competition.
John Santillo, AAI Corporation
We view Triad more as a technology partner than a vendor for our line-of-sight communications product line. We had specific requirements for packaging, frequency ranges, power levels, and features that they were able to readily accommodate based on their current design and collective vast experience.
Their professionalism in designing and successfully delivering working products within challenging schedules was refreshing and a very positive overall experience. They readily worked with us to ensure that the entire system would function and operate as needed.
I highly recommend Triad and their products.
John Puetz: Vice President, Products and Engineering, NSM Surveillance, Inc.
Working with the staff at Triad RF is always a pleasure. They are attentive to the customer needs from design concept to delivery. The product quality always exceeds expectations.
I will always put my trust in Triad for all of my RF needs.
Paul Segars: Tech/Supv Lead - Level 2, LJT & Associates, NASA GSFC
My clients require bi-amps that are small, low weight, and draw the least amount of power for UAS/UGV applications. This includes SD/HD video and payload data in the 10’s of Megabits.
Triad RF Systems understands what it takes to make bi-amps that can handle 16/64 QAM modulation without distortion that limits range. They recently went the next step by offering low-cost dual-channel units for MIMO based data links. Their products allow me to design bi-directional data links that have 100+ mile range or deep building and hard rock mine penetration with the least amount of RF hardware on the vehicle or at the control station.
Ken Andrew, NLOS Wireless
We had a need for a wideband PA in a mobile application with a short lead time. I requested a 3 week expedited delivery time from Steve and he sent me a TA1007 demo unit to confirm performance. After ordering the PA, they delivered on time and optimized the PA for our desired bandwidth and performance as advertised.
If we have any PA needs in the future, I would contact Triad RF as my first source.
Anthony Famularo: Microwave Shop Supervisor, Broadcast Sports, Inc.