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Triad’s engineering expertise is not limited to the Power, Bi-Directional, and Low-Noise Amplifier space. Our customers in defense, aerospace, and state of the art radio systems rely on Triad to significantly reduce the size and power draw of their end products. We achieve this by combining disparate, discrete RF modules into a single Integrated Multi-Function Amplifier Assembly (IMA). The IMA approach significantly reduces interconnect losses and matching issues between active and passive components. Compared with traditional integration of connectorized components, our IMAs always yield a more efficient, robust, and compact end product with the ability to monitor all of its subcomponents. Our designs cover operating frequencies up to 40 GHz and power levels in the hundreds of watts.

All IMAs are designed manufactured at Triad’s AS-9100D Certified NJ facility. Engage with us at any point in your design process. Whether you have a full specification, loose concept, or need to upgrade older hardware, we’ll turn your requirements into reality, and meet (or beat) your SwAP targets.


Below we’ve listed products and datasheets relevant to this application type. If you have questions regarding our products or areas of expertise, get in touch today!

Product Description Datasheet
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
This module was custom-designed for a low SwAP, military SDR application and is an advanced Tx/Rx module that covers 300 MHz - 6 GHz. Variants of the TA1206 can operate down to 20 MHz. It contains a high gain power amplifier section, a 4 channel switched filter bank, and an Rx through path, which can be replaced with an LNA section. The module is capable of high speed switching of 1uS, and accepts a wide input voltage range of 20-36VDC. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
A dual bi-directional amplifier assembly that was designed for the RF-7800W HCLOS radio. It features two independent MIMO Tx/Rx sections that operate from 4400-6000 MHz at a peak power of 10W. A highly linear RF lineup allows for low SNR transmission of waveforms of up to 256QAM modulation. Designed for outdoor applications, it has passed many MIL-STD-810G tests, including the following test methods: 514.6 Vibration, 505.5 Solar Radiation, 506.5 Blowing Rain, and many others. It is also qualified to several MIL-STD-461E test methods for EMI/EMC. It is also coated with CARC paint. Request a quote today!
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
An L-band, lightweight Transmit / Receive module that operates from 1200-1400 MHz and is capable of 40W output at efficiencies of greater than 30%. The unit contains an 3-level gain control section, and an internal DC-DC converter to accept input voltages from 10-28VDC. The unit also features a user-controllable bypass feature for when amplification is not required. The bypass feature is also fail-safe and becomes an RF through-path to the system in the event supply voltage from the module is removed. Read more » downloadPDF
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