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Many of the world’s leading SIGINT, ELINT, Electronic Attack, and Jamming programs rely on Triad’s expertise in RF / Microwave power amplifier and T/R module design to support the smallest, most efficient end systems. Triad has an extensive library of COTS power amplifiers designed for EW. They feature multi-octave broadband operation, high efficiency, flat power and gain characteristics, and compact size. Many of our RF amplifiers and radio systems come standard, or can be customized, with onboard monitoring and control circuitry, further reducing system weight and size.


Some EW systems are crafted for specific missions and require uniquely designed components. To serve these needs, we can easily modify our COTS product line, or create from-scratch custom RF assemblies per your specifications. Our engineering team frequently executes on custom concept-to-product requests with very short lead times, and at costs that rival our competitors. See more of our integrated radio systems.


Below we’ve listed products and datasheets relevant to this application type. If you have questions regarding our products or areas of expertise, get in touch today!

Product Description Datasheet
S Band 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
A Broadband GaN 30W Module that operates from 300-6000 MHz with 45 dB Gain. This unit leads the industry with its high gain, bandwidth, and power output to size ratio. In addition, it also features internal DC-DC conversion which allows for an input voltage range of 12-28VDC. Read More » downloadPDF
L to X-Band 4W Upconverter Amplifier
20-1000 MHz 20W GaN Bi-Directional Amplifier with 20dB gain and a 2 dB Rx noise figure. The high power PA, PIN diode switching, and LNA are all internal to this very compact module that weighs only 5 oz. Features include manual or automatic Tx / Rx switching. This unit is well suited for receive / retransmit applications. Read more » downloadPDF
380-470 MHz UHF 4W Circuit Card Amplifier
GaN MMIC-based 30-2700 MHz 8W Bi-Directional amplifier that can amplify any modulation type and bandwidth. 36 dB Tx and 22 dB Rx gain is achieved in a 4 oz package. This unit also incorporates broad-band input detection circuitry to support both manual and auto triggered Tx/Rx switching. It also incorporates internal DC-DC conversion to support any input voltage in the range of 12-30VDC. Request a quote today! downloadPDF
Full Duplex L-Band Tx/Rx Transceiver Card
A high power-density unit covering 20-1000 MHz with high gain of 47db. This amplifier outputs nearly 40W of saturated output power, and comes in a 4x3.2x0.5” package. 32 - 49% Power added efficiency is achieved across the band. Read More » downloadPDF
80W Dual Channel Bi-Directional UHF Rack Mount Amplifier
500-2700 MHz, 100W rack-mount amplifier solution, featuring variable gain with a 25dB range, adjustable from either a front panel control knob, or remotely via browser-based GUI, TCP/IP connection, or SNMP. 85-264VAC input is standard, but the unit is capable of being reconfigured to work with various AC and DC supply busses that appear on airborne, ground vehicle, and ship platforms. Read more» downloadPDF
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