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TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems

TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems

TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems are a wireless network architects best choice when time, cost, and optimal performance and range are critcal. These fully-integrated and optimized radios are an evolution of many years of experience enabling some of the highest data-rate, longest range wireless links in the Unmanned Land, Sea, and Air Systems industry.


The THPR series modules address all power drift issues by featuring advanced active power control and equalization circuitry ensuring that both the RF Output Power and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) delivered to the antennas remains ultra-stable in the presence of any fluctuations. Click expand to learn more.



TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems are fully-integrated, expertly tested, and available for fast delivery. They're ideal low cost and lighweight radios for data link and UAV, UAS, ISR, C4ISR, Military Mesh, MANET, and tracking antenna system solutions when your commercial and military requirements include taking a full SWaP-C approach. They offer the best long range and ultra-longe range radio communication network system performance, and these high powered radios are optimized for every frequency band with the finest RF and microwave radios on the market, including:


Avwatch Mobile Tracking Antenna Systems

  • MTS TRACKER Series 


Domo Tactical Communications (DTC)

  • DTC SOLO8 Software Defined Radio (SDR) System


Optimum Solutions

  • GPS Antenna Tracking Systems (Ruggedized pan and tilt pedestal antennas)


Persistent Systems

  • Wave Relay® MPU5 Smart Radio for Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) Applications


Silvus Streamcaster Tactical MIMO Radio

  • Streamcaster 4200 and 4200E (enhanced) Radio
  • Streamcaster 4400 Radio


Troll Systems

  • SkyLink and NetworkLink Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Data Link Radio


TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems address the following concerns:

  • Drift in gain, power, signal to noise ratio, and other variables over temperature and frequency
  • A minimal (or non-existent) level of analysis of margin-robbing EMI emanating from the vehicle, GCS system, and environment.
  • Co-channel RFI issues
  • Insufficient RF and/or DC bus filtering to mitigate EMI / RFI issues
  • Sub-optimal cables, interconnects and antenna selection / positioning
  • Lack of maintenance and establishment of pre- and post- flight tests and checks to ensure that the links are always working at peak performance levels
  • Video encoder optimization and radio settings errors


Our experience has shown us that most long range, high bandwidth video, data and C2 links severely under-perform (and frequently fail to achieve their goals) due to the above factors.


Triad’s team of engineers and application specialists from our Data Link Services division will assist and support your team in addressing the remaining factors involving hardware installation, tailoring the payload to fit your vehicle, and all EMI / link margin issues. This results in a high power radio system with unmatched reliability and ease of use. Triad’s THPR series enhanced radios yield links that are easier to integrate, deploy, and maintain than any other solution in the industry. Fill out the form below to request a radio system quote.

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Tech Brief Helps Make Build or Buy Decision of ISR Data Links

To help you determine the best and most efficient ISR data link solution for your application, our expert radio engineers have produced this tech brief which provides a step-by-step decision making process on when to go it alone and assemble your own ISR link or lean on an integration partner to optimize your ISR links for long-term dependability.

Tech Brief Helps Make Build or Buy Decision of ISR Data Links


Tech Brief Helps Make Build or Buy Decision of ISR Data Links

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