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Triad RF Systems Secures Contract Win to Strengthen UAS Communication Capabilities for Department of Defense
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Triad RF Systems Secures Contract Win to Strengthen UAS Communication Capabilities for Department of Defense

February 22, 2024

Triad RF Systems is proud to announce a significant contract win totaling $450,000 to provide Triad RF Ku-band upconverters and Triad RF bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) to a prominent domestic aerospace and military defense contractor. This contract award marks a crucial milestone supporting the Department of Defense's ongoing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) initiatives.


Triad's state-of-the-art Ku-band upconverters and Triad Bidirectional Amplifiers (BDAs) will seamlessly integrate with SCISR Secure Common Data Link (CDL) radio systems. SCISR radio systems are deployed on unmanned systems to facilitate long-range, encrypted RF communication tailored to the US military's stringent requirements, bolstering communication capabilities vital for military intelligence-gathering and reconnaissance missions.


A key advantage of Triad's Ku-band Upconverters and Triad Bidirectional Amplifiers is the ability to extend the operational range and enhance the throughput of these secure data links when deployed with SCISR radio systems. Adding the Triad technology advantage translates to increased payload capacity, higher-quality data transmission capabilities, and an overall increase in the effectiveness of UAS platforms equipped with SCISR radio systems.


By pushing the boundaries of existing technology and extending the operational capabilities of SCISR radio systems beyond their original design specifications, Triad is instrumental in elevating mission and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities for the upcoming Group 2 UAS platform.


This contract win underscores Triad RF Systems' success at delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower defense contractors and military end-users to achieve their operational objectives with unmatched efficiency and reliability. As the landscape of defense technology continually evolves, Triad remains steadfast in its dedication to providing innovative communication solutions tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern, complex warfare.


For more information on Triad RF Systems' comprehensive range of RF amplifiers and communication solutions, visit our power amplifier, bi-directional amplifier and radio systems product pages for more information or contact us to learn more.


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