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Solving Modern EW Communications Challenges for Better Military Operations

Solving Modern EW Communications Challenges for Better Military Operations

June 13, 2024

When it comes to Electronic Warfare and other demanding applications, extending your reach, maximizing signal effectiveness, and maintaining a solid RF link are crucial for success. Electronic Warfare (EW) and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) are complex with multiple components to consider. These systems, from their hardware components to the software that controls them, are intricate and must perform flawlessly in extremely adverse conditions, including active warzones and RF-saturated spectral environments.


New and emerging technologies could change and potentially revolutionize the rules of engagement. In addition to kinetic threats, today's military forces operate in a challenging electromagnetic landscape, and the need for more capable EW systems to manage the sheer volume of signals in a crowded and active battlespace becomes ever more critical.


EW Technology Demands

The demand for robust and scalable tactical Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) operationally flawless solutions is accelerating. These solutions empower forces to:


  • Intercept and Locate Enemy Emitters: Accurately pinpointing enemy positions through signal analysis is crucial for battlefield strategy.
  • Jam or Deceive Enemy Communications: Disrupting enemy communication channels and masking friendly activity are vital for tactical advantage.
  • Identify and Catalog Emissions of friendly or enemy forces to either protect forces or develop a plan to deny an enemy’s access to the spectrum.


In terms of the specific functionality required, more and more modern militaries are demanding specific solution performance including:


Domain Flexibility: Systems need to be employed in any of the physical domains (air, land, space, maritime (surface and sub-surface), or across multiple domains.


Signal Agnostic: Modern militaries demand multi-spectral, distributed, high dynamic range, wide/multi band, coordinated, adaptive/cognitive, and real-time.


Frequency Range: Wide-band frequency coverage to detect and defeat signals across different areas of the RF spectrum, especially if target signal sources employ detection/interference avoidance techniques.


Exceptional Power Output: Highly linear power with minimal distortion to ensure easy integration into existing systems to maximize RF propagation and maintain overall system efficiency.


Triad Delivers Scalable Electronic Warfare RF Amplification Solutions

By providing scalable ES and EA capabilities for Electronic Warfare systems, Triad RF's amplifier solutions empower military forces to navigate the intricacies of the electromagnetic battlespace. Radio-agnostic product design allows for easy integration with any existing radio system.


Triad RF's advanced Power Amplifiers (PAs) and Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) deliver the performance you need to detect and defeat RF-based battlefield threats. They are specifically designed to enhance your EW system's RF capabilities, improving both the maximum RF propagation distance of your system and total power output. They cater to a wide range of applications, from low-frequency needs to expansive wideband requirements. And Triad amplifers excel due to their compact size, exceptional power output, rapid switching capabilities, and capability to handle all single types – all crucial factors in today's demanding RF environments.


Triad COTS/GOTS Products Available to Empower EW and C-UAS Systems

Here are some Triad solutions that fit the need for flexibility, performance and power:


TA1056: Covers the low end of the spectrum from 20-1000 MHz, with a powerful 40W output, making it perfect for use from HF to UHF frequencies.

TA1217: Go from HF to S-Band, covering 30-2700 MHz with an 8W output.

TA1216: Power your system through C-Band with this 300-6000 MHz, 32 W amplifier E

TA1049: Achieves peak performance from 700-6000 MHz, with a 10W output.


For applications requiring superior two-way communication and SNR, Triad RF's Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) can also provide the perfect solution.


Triad RF is committed to providing the power and performance needed to navigate the complexities of modern warfare. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your program objectives.


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