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Sierra Nevada Awards Triad RF Contract for Amplified Radios Used in Army’s Lakota Helicopters
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Sierra Nevada Awards Triad RF Contract for Amplified Radios Used in Army’s Lakota Helicopters

Triad RF Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems, has announced they have been awarded a contract from Sierra Nevada Corporation to provide turnkey amplified radio systems for use on the U.S. Army's and National Guard's latest fleet of Lakota helicopters. The integrated radio solution is a component of the U.S. Army/National Guard (ARNG) Mission Equipment Package (MEP) program.


MEP enables multi-role helicopter missions and operations that range from homeland security and medical evacuation to drug interdiction, support, and logistics. Under the MEP program, Sierra Nevada will equip over 100 ARNG Lakota helicopters with Triad RF high power radio systems using Silvus Streamcaster radios at their core. The specific MEP-related solution is the enablement of the Army's advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, known as HAMMER—MANET kits. (Shorthand for Handheld Apparatus for Mobile Mapping and Expedited Reporting—Mobile Ad Hoc Network kits). These versatile, high-powered radio kits are providing the next-level position/location/navigation voice, data, and video communication capabilities needed to improve efficacy of tactical maneuvers and increase soldier safety.


Sierra Nevada's criterion leading to the decision to utilize Triad Amplified Radios included a necessity for going much longer distances without signal interruption or degradation, increasing data throughput and speed of larger amounts of data, and improving equalization of power during frequency and temperature fluctuations.


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