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May 11, 2020

ollowing are highlights of what you’ll find in our Powerpoint presentation covering our UAS heritage and expertise. Learn more by downloading the PDF.


Triad offers a radio-agnostic “menu” of configurable LOS link options for your Unmanned System.

  • Extends your LOS range to 150 nm+
  • Decreases your dependence on SATCOM
  • High-power payloads in air and on ground
  • Utilizes all major brands of radios, provides control and monitoring of RF systems
  • Mobile, gimbal-stabilized ground tracking system
  • Training on Pre- and Post-Flight checks provided, to ensure long-term link reliability


A typical Triad package is detailed below, that achieves 100nm with our high power version of a Silvus SC4200 radio:

  • Triad RF High Power Radio (THPR) - 5 lb, 60W MIMO RF payload (integrated radio/amplifier)
  • 5 minute or less setup time
  • Test data available from prior flight testing (not vapor-ware)


Triad provides RF System consolidation and simplification.

  • Multiple radio systems (Main C Band Data Link, Redundant L band Data Link, ADS Transponder, C2 Modem) are merged into a single, highly integrated product, the Triad High Power Radio (THPR)
  • Payloads are carefully architected to encompass filtering to eliminate co-site and other interference
  • Payloads measure and monitor transmit RF power, antenna status, radio and RF sub-system health


The following platforms use Triad products:

  • Airbus – Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota Data Link
  • AAI Textron RQ-7B Shadow – L band and S Band Amps
  • PAE ISR Resolute Eagle
  • Arcturus T20
  • Threod Systems Stream – C
  • UAV Factory Penguin C
  • BlueBird Aero Systems Thunder-B
  • BlueBird Aero Systems Spylite – Electric Motor


Allow our long range radio links to be the competitive advantage for your Unmanned Systems.

Triad RF’s Amplifiers and Radio Systems are ideal for these applications: ISR; UAS, UGV, USV; military MANET; maritime high throughput LOS/NLOS systems; and point-to-point/mesh networking applications that are pushing the boundaries of distance and video/data rates.



  • High power radio systems utilizing Silvus and Microhard L/S/C band radios that we can demo on your UAS or send for evaluation
  • The lightest mobile tracking system in the industry
  • Frequency convert any of these radios to non-standard bands (e.g. 5.03 GHz, Ku band, etc.) to support any customer requirement that outside of the standard bands offered on stock versions of the radios
  • Initial radio link integration takes days, not weeks
  • After integration, our mobile tracking system sets up in minutes
  • Saves cost due to fewer flight tests& decreased risk of link failure in front of customers
  • Payload products are radio agnostic—we design with all mainstream MIMO and non-MIMO radios
  • Highly configurable—easily adaptable to new frequencies when demos are needed for customers not operating in traditional  radio communications bands


Learn More About Triad’s UAS Amplifier and Radio Systems and see examples of our innovative industry solutions by downloading the presentat

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