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New High-Efficiency Wide Band BDA Featuring Full Band Automatic Tx/Rx Switching

December 5, 2018

Triad introduces the TTRM1210, a wideband GaN BDA that operates from 30 MHz to 2700 MHz, and produces over 8W of peak Tx power. One of the smallest BDAs in the industry measuring only 3.25 x 2.12 x 0.53 inches, this feature rich BDA is also one of the most efficient. While producing 8W of RF power, it only consumes 24W of DC power. It also produces over 2W of linear 16 QAM power with < 9% EVM. This BDA's small size and high efficiency make it ideal for SWaP friendly commercial and military software defined radio (SDR) applications. In order to be compatible with a wide variety of existing platforms, the TTRM1210 offers the option of Automatic Tx/Rx switching across its entire operating frequency band, as well as a wide DC input range of +11 to +28 VDC. Regardless of the selected option, switching between Tx and Rx takes less than 1 µsec. Additionally, base plate temperature can be monitored via an analog temperature sensor output pin on the DC/Control connector.

Additional information on this BDA can be found here: TTRM1210

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