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TriadRF Featured on SpaceX’s Eighth SmallSat Rideshare Mission

TriadRF Featured on SpaceX’s Eighth SmallSat Rideshare Mission

June 13, 2023

Congratulations to SpaceX on the successful launch and payload deployment of Transporter-8! We're proud to see multiple Triad RF customers represented on the June 12 mission, including several of our CubeSat products across six distinct payloads. This is SpaceX's eighth dedicated SmallSat rideshare mission, over half of which have included Triad RF products deployed into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


The presence of our technology underscores our commitment to engineering excellence and the reliability of our products, particularly for space applications. It also serves as a testament to the trust our customers place in our ability to meet their unique requirements in the nascent NewSpace Economy.


This latest launch features several of our space-rated Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs), including a custom bi-directional S-Band radio front end configured for our customer's Software Defined Radio (SDR) and specific Rx and Tx needs, such as transmit power amplification. Other products include single-band power amplifiers and frequency-translating amplifier modules for S and X bands.


The mission launched 72 diverse payloads into orbit, adding to the total of 1,000 payloads that the program has deployed to date and fueling the expansion of the NewSpace sector to commercial projects. Triad RF Systems is pleased to contribute to this trajectory of innovation and discovery. Our customers are involved in a diverse range of applications, including 5G, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, weather research, and other unique projects that push the boundaries of innovation.


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