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Triad Power Amplifier extends Link range for Stratosphere Communication Platform

Triad Helps High Altitude Platform Leader Achieve Stratospheric Flight Test Success

June 10, 2020

When an industry-leading provider of stratospheric communications platforms first called on TRIAD, they were initially looking to gain an incremental wireless communications range boost. What they achieved instead was a mission that went from an underwhelming link performance test to an incredible long-range success in under 5 minutes.

The Challenge:

Filling the capability gap between aircraft, drones and satellites, this industry-leading platform designer and manufacturer delivers solutions for communications, data relay, and intelligence, surveillance, and recognizance (ISR) applications to space agencies, the military, communications providers, and many other commercial applications.

The customer simulated that the link distance without a TRIAD power amplifier would be approximately 100 miles. However, at a distance of 75 miles away from the base station, the link started to cut out, and all communication was lost.

The Solution:

After calling it a day and heading home, the lead engineer in charge of the project returned to work the next day, and shared the failed flight test outcome. He was regretting not having the time to install the TRIAD power amplifier prior to conducting the distance test.

Our tech team suggested that before he concludes that the platform had drifted away and out of reach, our power amplifier should be hooked up to the ground tracking station with the last known coordinates of the platform. What happened next was far beyond his expectation. After 10 hours of losing the link, it took only 5 minutes with the help of the TRIAD amp to re-establish the connection to the device that was now 200 miles away. The link signal held out to a distance of 250 miles.

We can’t name the client due to confidentiality provisions, but their story is real, and TRIAD’s impact on their program success is worth sharing. Not every success can be achieved this fast. But it’s proof once again, Triad can deliver a turnkey amplified radio solution dialed in for every critical mission, program, and platform.

Learn more about our experience in our heritage and pedigree presentation and read about our new series  of  TRIAD power amplifiers.

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