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Triad RF solves dense radio frequency (RF) signal traffic on the battlefield
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Military and AeroSpace Electronics Highlights How Triad Helps 'Microwave and RF Designers Take On the Cluttered Spectrum'

May 27, 2020

Systems built for low size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) and industry standards like SOSA are dominating applications ranging from satellite navigation to next-generation 5G communications.


The presence of dense radio frequency (RF) signal traffic on the battlefield is constant, and radio silence is no longer the norm. Experts in the RF and microwave equipment and component manufacturing world say they are seeing a boost in support for open-system standards while packing more power into smaller spaces using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components.


Triad RF Systems is receiving requests from systems integrators to close long-distance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems radio links, as they have much higher bandwidth and throughput requirements than before.


Read the about Triad High Power Radio (THPR) advantages and the rest of the story in the May 2020 article by Jamie Whitney, “RF and Microwave Designers Take On the Cluttered Spectrum”  from Military and Aerospace Electronics here:


Triad High Power Radios (THPR) work with many of the well-known radios available because they offer range-enhanced, high-powered radios employ active power control to ensure that both the RF output power and SNR delivered to an antenna remains ultra-stable in the presence of fluctuations. This results in 1) unmatched reliability, as opposed to solutions where RF output power drifts too low or high during operation and causes unexpected link failures (often when a target data rate needs to be achieved), and 2) ease of use, as this Triad Amplified Radio link is lightweight (1.4 kg) and is inherently easy to integrate, deploy, and maintain.

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