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High Power Amplifier Provides a Solution for Defeating Complex UAS, UAV, and UGV RF Links

Triad TA1264 High Power Amplifier Provides a Solution for Defeating Complex UAS, UAV, and UGV RF Links

September 17, 2020

Threats posed by hostile UASs are increasing in the Military and the commercial space. In the new world of electronic warfare, these aerial drones and UAVs are dependent on GNSS/GPS technology for precise positioning, navigation and time information. In addition, real-time Command and Control links and high data rate RF links are required for these assets to complete their missions. While this new technology is vital to the operation of these platforms, they are also vulnerable to cyber threats and exploitation.


A new generation of advanced UAV detection and defense products have been developed to combat the increasing threat posed by remotely-operated aerial systems. These Counter-UAS systems are tasked to identify, jam, interdict, and defeat everything from purpose-built, military-grade aircraft to weaponized hobby drones. It's a very challenging task to control the wide range of RF spectrum in which these products operate.


The presence of dense radio frequency (RF) signal traffic on the battlefield is constant, and radio silence is no longer the norm. Increasingly complex Software Defined Radios used in UAS systems require equally complex Counter-UAS systems to combat them. Triad RF continues to receive requests from system integrators to provide highly linear, compact and powerful broadband amplifiers to keep up with and counter these threats.


The New TA1264 Radio Amplifier Answers Military Need


As a leader in the design/manufacture of high-power microwave amplifiers and amplified radio systems, Triad RF continues to add to our family of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) focused wideband high-power amplifiers. In reaction to the need for better enabled Counter-UAS (CUAS) systems, Triad RF has released the latest in a series of broadband, lightweight, and compact power amplifiers.


Model TA1264 weighs just 16 ounces, measures under 4" square and under 1" thick, and operates in the frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz, while delivering high-power density and optimal linearity and efficiency. It is enclosed in a rugged enclosure and designed for operation in harsh environmental conditions. It is ideal for critical airborne radio system applications, from simple CW/FM signals to highly modulated carriers such as 64 and 256QAM for software defined radios (SDR), as well as for general-purpose RF/microwave amplification.


These RF/microwave amplifiers also provide advanced built-in PA monitoring and control sections that are directed by microprocessor, FPGA, CPLD, or a combination of these devices. Functions include temperature output, DC monitoring to the device level, and power control across various frequencies.


Applications Include a Variety of Program Types Related to:

  • Counter UAS
  • Electronic Warfare
  • General RF Amplification


Learn more about model TA1264, and request price and delivery, by visiting:

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