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Triad RF receives an order for Wideband TA1007

Triad RF receives an order for several TA1007s, our wideband 1 Watt COFDM linear power amplifier. These units will be utilized in several frequency bands for digital video broadcasting. The small unit fits into the customers miniature transmitters and will be used in broadcasts around the globe. The units will be delivered in under 3 weeks and will incorporate new integrated heatsinks to maximize thermal efficiency.

Triad RF receives an order for the 6.4-7.1 GHz, 4 Watt TA1033

Triad RF has received a pre-production order from an international homeland security firm for several 6.4-7.1 GHz, 4 Watt linear power amplifiers used in mesh network applications. The TA1033 will amplify the data/video signal from the customer’s radio which will allow the security team to expand their surveying territory. The unit will be finished in black powdercoat to match the existing radio and will feature a by-pass switch if the customer does not need the extended range. Versions of this unit may also be required at 7.5 GHz. Delivery is expected in mid-September.

Triad RF has received an order for a high power television amplifier

Triad RF has received a production order for high power linear amplifiers used in multi-channel television broadcast. Triad’s linear technology allows the customer to simultaneously transmit hundreds of TV channels along with wireless internet signals. Combined with our efficiency technology, the power consumption of the base station will decrease, allowing the TV provider to pass the savings on to the end-user.

Triad RF receives an order for the TA1025 for use in surveillance systems

Triad RF receives a production order from a domestic provider of surveillance systems for the TA1025. This wideband amplifier provides one (1) Watt of COFDM power. Consistent performance from unit to unit plus a competitive price helped the customer secure this order. Stock units already shipped with the balance shipping in Q2 and the first half of Q3.

Triad RF ships the first batch of Ku-Band video terminal amplifiers

Triad RF ships the first batch of Ku-Band amplifiers for remote video terminals used for high performance surveillance systems. The TA1032 is the latest amplifier that met or exceeded the customer’s specifications. With 2W of RF output power, this unit incorporated automatic gain control (AGC) with 20 dB of dynamic range, a miniature version of our VDSTM technology allowing the unit to work from +12 to +28 VDC, and was twice as efficient as the competition. These units also went through rigorous environmental tests that met MIL-STD-883.

The balance of the order is to ship before the end of Q2.