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Triad ships a 10W COFDM, 6 GHz Amplifier Subsystem

Triad RF shipped the T82149121, a 10W COFDM amplifier subsystem that amplifies 16 QAM signals from 6.4 to 7.1 GHz without creating any degradation to the signal purity. Triad was able to design and acquire the sub-assembly pieces in less than 3 weeks thanks to the solid relationships it has formed with our suppliers. We met a difficult schedule from our customer who was able to ship their product.

Triad RF receives an order for the 4.4-5.0 GHz Linear TA1031

Triad RF has received a pre-production order from a U.S. surveillance solution provider for our TA1031, 4.4 – 5.0 GHz, 10 Watt bi-directional linear power amplifier. The units will be integrated in a new high-speed data link which will be used in various types of military airborne and ground vehicles. The units will ship in October, 2013, with a follow-on order for a 25W version. The units will transmit in various modulations, including BPSK, QPSK, and 64 QAM. Our linear technology allowed the customer to significantly increase the transmit and receive distance of their present radio offerings.

Triad RF receives order for a 2.45 GHz bi-directional amplifier from top tier defense contractor

Triad RF has received a pre-production order from a top tier defense contractor for a modified version of our 2.45 GHz bi-directional linear power amplifier, . The units will be used in a new air to air high-speed data link which will be used in various types of military airborne vehicles. Our ability to modify our standard product and supply the customer with a custom part in a very short period of time helped with this program win. Delivery will be completed before end of third quarter, 2013, with further quantities needed in early 2014.

Triad RF receives an order for the 6.4-7.1 GHz, 4 Watt TA1033

Triad RF has received a pre-production order from an international homeland security firm for several 6.4-7.1 GHz, 4 Watt linear power amplifiers used in mesh network applications. The TA1033 will amplify the data/video signal from the customer’s radio which will allow the security team to expand their surveying territory. The unit will be finished in black powdercoat to match the existing radio and will feature a by-pass switch if the customer does not need the extended range. Versions of this unit may also be required at 7.5 GHz. Delivery is expected in mid-September.

Triad RF has received an order for a high power television amplifier

Triad RF has received a production order for high power linear amplifiers used in multi-channel television broadcast. Triad’s linear technology allows the customer to simultaneously transmit hundreds of TV channels along with wireless internet signals. Combined with our efficiency technology, the power consumption of the base station will decrease, allowing the TV provider to pass the savings on to the end-user.