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Triad Ships 50 Watt Low-SWaP L-Band Power Amplifier

The all new TA1017 is a 50 Watt, L and S band power amplifier that offers impressive power in a small and lightweight package, making it ideal for, but not limited to DBV-T applications.

The TA1017 is also an excellent choice for LTE, WiFi, and any other L or S band application where small size and high output power are essential.

Please see the TA1017 web page for more information:

Triad RF Systems TA1017

Dual Channel L-Band MIMO Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad RF has shipped its latest Dual BDA, the L-Band TTRM1081D. This unit is compatible with all military and commercial radios and provides over 20W of peak RF power across 1.3 to 1.4 GHz, per channel. Made specifically for multi-in multi-out (MIMO) radios, providing 2 radio ports and 2 antenna ports, each providing 5W of COFDM power. The BDA operates off a single +28V supply and provides 25 dB of TX gain and 11 dB of RX gain in both channels.

Additional information on this amplifier can be found here: TTRM1081D

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Triad RF Ships L-Band BDAs to European Surveillance Customer

Triad RF ships several L-Band bi-directional amplifiers to a European surveillance customer. The units were equipped with auto-switching which allows the amplifier to turn to TX mode when RF is detected from the radio. When RF is no longer detected, the unit switches back to RX mode. Switching from one mode to the other is done under 2 usec to insure no data is lost in either path. Follow on orders are expected in 2016.

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Triad RF receives order for L-Band bi-directional TTRM1081

Triad RF receives a development order for the TTRM1081, an L-Band version of our S-Band bi-directional amplifier. The transmit portion of this amplifier provides five (5) Watts of 802.11G power. The receive section provides 11 dB of linear gain to increase the performance of the radio front end. The units will also automatically switch between transmit and receive by detecting power from the radio; if no power is detected, the unit will remain in receive mode. The amplifiers will ship before year end.