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Triad RF receives an international order for an 800 MHz-6.0 GHz, 16W rack

Triad RF receives a development order from an international customer for an 800 MHz – 6.0 GHz, 16W amplifier housed in a 19 inch rack for a physics lab application. All monitoring and control functions of this GaN amplifier will be accessed via a new touch screen front panel. The SSPA will also incorporate a single-board computer (SBC) running the Android operating system, an industry first. The amplifier will ship Q1 of 2014.

Triad RF ships the 300 Mhz 120 W TA1127 to India

Triad RF ships our new 120W, 300 MHz amplifier to a customer in India. The TA1127 will be implemented in a Software-defined Radio (SDR) platform whose end user is the Indian Navy. The units provide over 120 Watts and are 50% efficient at peak power across the 290 – 320 MHz frequency band. They also incorporated our VDSTM technology and provided the user with an input voltage range of +18 to + 36 VDC. Follow on orders are expected in 2014.

Triad RF ships the TTRM1010 internationally

Triad RF ships the TTRM1010 to an international customer who needed the bi-directional amplifiers to improve the data link of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The units were tested with the radios in our facility and we measured a 40 dB improvement of link budget when the amplifiers were installed in the system. The wideband frequency range allowed the customer to operate in several bands of interest. Follow-on orders are expected.

Triad RF receives order from European OEM for TTRM1004 to be used in UAV

Triad RF receives an order from a northern European OEM of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Part number TTRM1004 will be used to improve the communications link in their Ground Control Station. Higher quantities can be expected upon a successful test of their platform with our amplifier.