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Triad RF Ships the Dual L-Band Bi-Directional TTRM1093D

Triad RF ships the TTRM1093D, an L-Band DUAL bi-directional amplifier operating from 1.8 to 2.0 GHz. The unit was designed to work with 2 x 2 MIMO radios and extend their coverage area with over 20 dB of TX gain and 10 dB of RX gain. Each amplifier produces over 10 Watts of 64QAM power and over 25 Watts of QPSK power. The unit has manual switching between TX and RX modes with switching times < 1 usec. The unit’s compact size measuring 4.0(L) x 4.2(W) x 0.8(H) inches allows for easy integration with the radio.

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Triad RF Ships the TTRM1004-D02 BDA from Stock

Triad RF ships from stock, the TTRM1004-D02 with integrated heatsinks. These 2.4 GHz Bi-Directional amplifiers will be deployed in the King Fires of California to increase the transmission distance presently achieved by the fire fighters radios. The units deliver 5W of 802.11g or 20W of 802.11b and can increase the distance of the signal by up to 10X.

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Triad RF Develops Rack Amplifier with Android Touch Screen

Triad RF develops the TR1007, a 20W wideband GaN amplifier. This unit operates from 700 MHz to 6000 MHz and will be used in Australia for wireless research. The amplifier will be the first to implement our touch-screen utilizing an Anroid operating system which allows the user to control the attenuation of the amplifier, plus monitor the core temperature of the modules. The 19 inch rack will be delivered in mid-October.

Triad ships a 10W COFDM, 6 GHz Amplifier Subsystem

Triad RF shipped the T82149121, a 10W COFDM amplifier subsystem that amplifies 16 QAM signals from 6.4 to 7.1 GHz without creating any degradation to the signal purity. Triad was able to design and acquire the sub-assembly pieces in less than 3 weeks thanks to the solid relationships it has formed with our suppliers. We met a difficult schedule from our customer who was able to ship their product.

Triad RF delivers TA1151 in less than 3 weeks

Triad RF delivers the TA1151 in less than 3 weeks to a digital television broadcast manufacture for a 3 GHz DVB-T system. Utilizing the TA1025 platform, new multi-layer RF boards were designed, then assembled and tested within the 3 week window required by the customer. Over 1W of COFDM is provided by the 5W P1dB amplifier.

Triad RF receives further orders for the 2.4 GHz bi-directional TTRM1004

Triad RF continues to receive new orders for the TTRM1004, our 2.4 GHz bi-directional amplifier. The transmit portion of this amplifier provides five (5) Watts of 802.11G power. The receive section provides 11 dB of linear gain to increase the performance of the radio front end. Various versions of this model have sold including auto-switching between TX and RX, manual switching via a TTL line, and DC connector changes to pass strict military regulations. Units will ship out before year end.