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    Triad Introduces New High Efficiency C-Band 2×2 MIMO Rugged BDA

Triad Introduces New High Efficiency C-Band 2×2 MIMO Rugged BDA

Triad RF introduces the TTRM4005DR, a 25W 2×2 MIMO Bi-Directional Amplifier, which operates from 4400 – 5000 MHz.

State-of-the-art GaN devices, along with complex matching circuits for the driver and final devices, allow the TTRM4005DR to deliver 5 Watts of OFDM output power per channel, while maintaining an EVM of 4.4%. 

Featuring an integrated heatsink and an IP67 rated DC/Control circular connector, the TTRM4005DR has been built to survive in all harsh environments.   The unit has been designed in the same manner as our other military products that have successfully passed the rigorous tests of MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-961

The TTRM4005D comes with several new features including the following:
Transmit Output Power Detector
Radio Input Power Detector
Status pin states if the unit has exceeded acceptable temperature levels or gone into a failure mode
Improved base plate temperature output circuitry
Production quantities have already begun shipping to several domestic and international customers of high speed video and data links

Additional information on this product can be found here:

Triad RF Systems TTRM4005DR

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Triad Ships 10W Peak C-Band Rugged Amplifier

The TA4002R is a 10 Watt peak C-Band ruggedized power amplifier, housed in a compact but durable IP67 rated enclosure. This makes the TA4002R ideal for many outdoor applications, such as mast or tower mount locations, as well as on an aircraft. The TA4002R also draws a very conservative 1.2 A of current at 12V while providing over 2 Watts of OFDM power.

More information on the TA4002R can be found here.

Triad Continues Production of 50 Watt High-Efficiency C-Band GaN Amplifier

Triad RF introduces another state-of-the-art GaN amplifier, the TA1203. The unit operates from 4.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz, has 44 dB of gain, and produces over 50W PSat! DC input voltage can vary from +10 to +14 V and only draws 8 A at peak power. This results in a powerful amplifier that is 47% efficient. The module measures 6.1 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches and is in stock.

More information here: TA1203

Triad RF Systems Ships Dual Channel C-Band Bi-Directional Amplifier for MIMO Radios

Triad has designed a dual channel version of the popular TTRM1008, which is compatible with nearly all types of military and commercial radios. The TTRM1008D operates at 4.4 to 5 GHz and is capable of an output of 25 Watts per channel for signals types such as BPSK/QPSK, but is also linear enough to provide up to 5 Watts of power with more complex signal types such as 64QAM. This combination of power and linearity makes the TTRM1008D an ideal companion for both tactical MIMO radios and commercial radios alike.

Additional information on this amplifier can be found here: TTRM1008D Datasheet

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Triad RF Receives and Ships Key Order in 1 Week

Triad RF received an order from an overseas government agency for 5 GHz bi-directional amplifiers. These modules can produce several Watts of linear COFDM power in TX and supply 11 dB of gain in RX.

The units had to meet a very tight delivery schedule of 1 week in order to satisfy the customers program. We were able to ship so quickly thanks to our internal stocking procedures along with our close relationships with vendors that held stock of key parts for just this reason. We built, tested and shipped all of the units 1 week after the order was received.

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Triad RF ships the C-Band bi-directional TTRM1008

Triad RF ships the TTRM1008, a C-Band bi-directional amplifier operating from 4.4 to 5.0 GHz. The unit produces 5 Watts of 64 QAM power and over 25 Watts of QPSK power. The unit has manual switching between TX and RX modes with switching times < 1 usec. Switching and timing functions are controlled by a complex programmable logic device (CPLD), a first for Triad. Other functions such as alarms and LED signals are also controlled by the CPLD. The unit is also one of the smallest in the industry, measuring 5.3(L) x 3.7(W) x 0.57(H) inches. Production of the TTRM1008 is expected in the first quarter of 2014. A 5.8 GHz version will also follow in early 2014.