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Triad RF Ships S-Band BDAs to Military Radio OEM

Triad RF ships another order in 1 week to a military radio OEM to help them extend the range of their proprietary radios. These units were in stock and had to be slightly modified to meet the customer’s requirements. The modules shipped overnight and were immediately integrated with the radios. If the customer gets the extended range they are expecting, production orders are expected at the end of Q1 2016.

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Triad RF Receives and Ships Key Order in 1 Week

Triad RF received an order from an overseas government agency for 5 GHz bi-directional amplifiers. These modules can produce several Watts of linear COFDM power in TX and supply 11 dB of gain in RX.

The units had to meet a very tight delivery schedule of 1 week in order to satisfy the customers program. We were able to ship so quickly thanks to our internal stocking procedures along with our close relationships with vendors that held stock of key parts for just this reason. We built, tested and shipped all of the units 1 week after the order was received.

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Triad RF Ships Tower Mount 4 GHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Triad RF ships several TTRTM1082 tower mount 4 GHz bi-directional amplifiers to a military customer. The auto-switching amplifiers will increase the distance the high speed data link can travel to aircraft and people in the targeted vicinity. The units are built to meet an IPC67 rating, have a built-in A/C power supply and an LED indicator for TX, RX and Fault. Specific mounting holes allow them to be attached to a pole up to 3 inches in diameter.

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Triad RF Ships L-Band BDAs to European Surveillance Customer

Triad RF ships several L-Band bi-directional amplifiers to a European surveillance customer. The units were equipped with auto-switching which allows the amplifier to turn to TX mode when RF is detected from the radio. When RF is no longer detected, the unit switches back to RX mode. Switching from one mode to the other is done under 2 usec to insure no data is lost in either path. Follow on orders are expected in 2016.

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Triad RF ships DUAL BDAs to Meet Urgent Demand

Triad RF shipped two DUAL S-Band bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) one day after receipt of order. The customer had an immediately need for the MIMO amplifiers and we were able to deliver due to available inventory. The quick delivery allowed the end customer to use the high power radio system successfully and complete their mission.

Trying to have some stock at all times is very important to us. We know in this “need by yesterday world” a company’s ability to deliver quickly is the difference between getting an order and losing an order. We plan on expanding this mentality by opening a Triad RF Store in the beginning of 2016.

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Triad RF ships 4 GHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers to Defense Contractor

Triad RF ships their high power 4 GHz bi-directional amplifier to a top tier defense contractor for testing with their radios. The amplifiers will be evaluated to see how far the present range can be extended and how to integrate the units with their present line of radios. Tests will be completed in Q4 with possible future tests in Q1.

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Triad RF receives production order for its 400 MHz Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad RF receives a production order for the TTRM1076. The bi-directional amplifier will increase the linear power of related MIMO radios and will be used in the Far East. The MOSFET unit operates from 400 MHz to 450 MHz and produces over 50W of peak power.  It also produces over 16W (more…)

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Triad RF ships 25W 400 MHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Triad RF ships an initial order for the TTRM1076. The unit operates from 400 MHz to 450 MHz, produces over 25W of peak power and over 6W (more…)

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Triad RF ships 5.8 GHz Bi-Directional Amplifiers for Military Test

Looking to improve their high speed data link, a branch of the military received two 12W Bi-Directional amplifiers from Triad RF for test trials. The units will be evaluated over the next few months with measurements being taken at several locations.

Triad RF Receives Follow-on Order For European Video Broadcast

Triad RF received a follow-on order for S-Band and C-Band bi-directional amplifiers to be used in video systems in Europe for (more…)