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bench top

Triad RF Ships 30 MHz – 2500 MHz Bench Top Amplifier

Triad RF ships the TB1003 to a US government test laboratory. The bench top power amplifier operates from 30 MHz to 2500 MHz. It has a built-in VAC power supply and is fan cooled for optimal performance. Female N-Type connectors are on the front panel for both RF IN and RF OUT. An LED power switch is also on the front panel and is lit when the power is ON.

Almost all of Triad RF’s amplifiers can be installed into our bench top enclosure. Various power supplies can also be installed depending on the customer’s preferences. Call for more details.

Triad RF Receives a Development Order for 500 MHz to 18 GHz Bench Top Amplifier

Triad RF received a development order for a 1 Watt Bench Top amplifier that operates from 500 MHz to 18 GHz. The unit will run off of 110 VAC and be internally cooled. The amplifier will be used in a test system by a major component manufacturer. Delivery is expected mid Q1 2016.