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Triad Introduces New Low-SWaP S-Band Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad introduces the TTRM2002, an S-Band Bi-Directional power amplifier that operates from 2200 – 2500 MHz, and offers up to 10 Watts of output power.

One of the smallest devices of its kind, the TTRM2002 measures only 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.45 inches and weighs only 2 ounces, making it ideal for applications where lower SWaP and portability are critical.

Along with its small size, the TTRM2002 also draws a very conservative 1.16 A of current at 28V while providing over 10 Watts of BPSK OFDM power, or 0.65A at 28V with 2W of 64 QAM OFDM power.

More information on the TTRM2002 can be found here: TTRM2002

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    New High-Efficiency Wide Band BDA Featuring Full Band Automatic Tx/Rx Switching

New High-Efficiency Wide Band BDA Featuring Full Band Automatic Tx/Rx Switching

Triad introduces the TTRM1210, a wideband GaN BDA that operates from 30 MHz to 2700 MHz, and produces over 8W of peak Tx power. One of the smallest BDAs in the industry measuring only 3.25 x 2.12 x 0.53 inches, this feature rich BDA is also one of the most efficient. While producing 8W of RF power, it only consumes 24W of DC power. It also produces over 2W of linear 16 QAM power with < 9% EVM. This BDA's small size and high efficiency make it ideal for SWaP friendly commercial and military software defined radio (SDR) applications.In order to be compatible with a wide variety of existing platforms, the TTRM1210 offers the option of Automatic Tx/Rx switching across its entire operating frequency band, as well as a wide DC input range of +11 to +28 VDC. Regardless of the selected option, switching between Tx and Rx takes less than 1 µsec. Additionally, base plate temperature can be monitored via an analog temperature sensor output pin on the DC/Control connector. Additional information on this BDA can be found here: TTRM1210

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Dual Channel L-Band MIMO Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad RF has shipped its latest Dual BDA, the L-Band TTRM1081D. This unit is compatible with all military and commercial radios and provides over 20W of peak RF power across 1.3 to 1.4 GHz, per channel. Made specifically for multi-in multi-out (MIMO) radios, providing 2 radio ports and 2 antenna ports, each providing 5W of COFDM power. The BDA operates off a single +28V supply and provides 25 dB of TX gain and 11 dB of RX gain in both channels.

Additional information on this amplifier can be found here: TTRM1081D

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Triad RF Systems Ships Dual Channel C-Band Bi-Directional Amplifier for MIMO Radios

Triad has designed a dual channel version of the popular TTRM1008, which is compatible with nearly all types of military and commercial radios. The TTRM1008D operates at 4.4 to 5 GHz and is capable of an output of 25 Watts per channel for signals types such as BPSK/QPSK, but is also linear enough to provide up to 5 Watts of power with more complex signal types such as 64QAM. This combination of power and linearity makes the TTRM1008D an ideal companion for both tactical MIMO radios and commercial radios alike.

Additional information on this amplifier can be found here: TTRM1008D Datasheet

To request more information or a quote please contact sales:

Leading MIMO Radio Manufacturer Orders with Triad RF Systems

A leading radio manufacturer specializing in world-class MIMO radios has placed another order with Triad RF for the TTRM1078Q. The TTRM1078Q is a Quad-channel Bi-Directional amplifier capable of an output power of 25 Watts per channel and supports any signal type and modulation format used by MIMO radios today. This ensures robust data link distance and high throughput rates which makes it a versatile solution for both military and commercial applications. Triad RF Systems is proud to be a reliable and trusted supplier of amplifier systems for manufacturers at the forefront of today’s modern technologies.

More information about the TTRM1078Q can be found here.

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Triad RF Ships Amplifier Systems to Leading UAV Manufacturer in Israel

Triad RF Systems has fulfilled an order placed by a leading Israeli UAV manufacturer which specializes in L-band and S-band HD video, telemetry, and command and control data links. This order includes the TTRM1115-D01, a 2.4 – 2.5 GHz, 12 Watt Bi-Directional SSPA and the TTRM1116-D01, a 1.2 – 1.4 GHz, 50 Watt Bi-Directional SSPA.

Using these amplifier systems from Triad RF, a UAV data link distance of over 120 km was demonstrated.

Triad RF Provides NASA with High-Power Amplifier for Data Link

Triad RF Systems has shipped the TTRM1054-D01 to NASA to fulfill their power and data rate needs. The TTRM1054-D01 features proprietary auto-switching circuitry which automatically detects Tx bursts of any modulation type and switches the amplifier accordingly.

The datasheet for the TTRM1054 can be found here.

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Triad RF Begins Volume Shipments of 2×2 MIMO Bi-Directional Amplifiers to Leading Defense Contractor

These Dual Bi-Directional Amplifiers operate in C-Band and have a peak power of 10 Watts.

Triad RF Ships TTRM1078D Amplifiers to Leading Aerospace Manufacturer

One of the leading manufacturers in the Aerospace industry has placed an order with Triad RF Systems for a TTRM1078D. The TTRM1078D is a Dual Band, 20W Bi-Directional Amplifier and operates in the 2200 MHz to 2500 MHz range.

The data sheet for this amplifier can be found at the link below:
TTRM1078D Data Sheet