Typical cell sites have radios/amplifiers in stations on the ground with cable going up the tower to the antennas. Due to coaxial cable losses, this approach is inefficient, and downlink signal strength is degraded. Larger amplifiers need to be used to overcome the losses. Placing the amplifier on top of the tower reduces loss and allows smaller amplifiers to be used, saving provider energy costs.

TMAs can also improve the signal strength going the opposite way, the uplink. This improves the call/data quality, reduces dropped calls, and promotes higher data rates.

Compare our TMAs’ superior features against all competitors:

  • Higher Linearity – To reduce interference and improves data rates.
  • Higher Efficiency – Reduce power consumption resulting in savings for the provider.
  • Lower costs – We have low overhead and minimum outside costs.

Depending on the type of amplifier you need in the tower-mount housing, click the button below to select that product.

TMA-PA (Tx Only)TMA-BDA (Tx/Rx)Freq. Translating PA (Tx Only)Freq. Translating BDA (Tx/Rx)