Well suited for today’s modern 2×2 MIMO radios, the TTRM4005DR is designed to extend range of mission-critical communications. Covering the lower C-Band, this BDA offers 25 Watts of output power, and operates from 4400 – 5000 MHz.

State-of-the-art GaN devices, along with complex matching circuits for the driver and final devices, allow the TTRM4005DR to deliver 5 Watts of OFDM output power per channel, while maintaining an EVM of 4.4%. Compared to our older model, the TTRM1008D, this new dual BDA is 30% efficient at 20W, and 15% at 5W. That’s almost four times more efficient than the old model, meaning lower power consumption, longer battery life, and less required cooling.

Featuring an integrated heatsink and an IP67 rated DC/Control circular connector, the TTRM4005DR has been built to survive in all harsh environments. The unit has been designed in the same manner as our other military products that have successfully passed the rigorous tests of MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-961. Integrating the heatsink also helps cut down on size, allowing the TTRM4005DR to measure in at only 6.00 x 4.77 x 2.50 inches to help meet strict SWAP requirements.

The TTRM4005DR comes with several new features including the following:
Available with either RF-detect automatic Tx/Rx switching or manual Tx/Rx control
Status pin to indicate over-temperature alarm, or a failure mode.
Improved base plate temperature output circuitry

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Power Out (P1dB)
(Per Channel)
Power Out (PSat)
(Per Channel)
Rx Gain
Gain Flatness1± dB
Input Return Loss-10dB
Supply Voltage101214VDC


Dimensions6.00 x 4.77 x 2.50In.
RF ConnectorsTNC-F/TNC-F
DC / Control ConnectorCircular Locking