Our line of SSPA products offer industry-leading linearity, utilizing both analog and digital pre-distortion circuitry that allows for operation in a higher efficiency region of the PA while maintaining low EVM and high data rates..Product List
These modules contain both a PA and LNA sections that can be Tx/Rx switched either automatically by detecting the RF Tx burst, or via an external, customer-specified control line. Typical designs accommodate TTL and differential controls.Learn More
Tx and Bi-Directional products that contain up- and down-conversion sections, enabling radio systems to communicate in other bands outside of crowded spectrum, using the same linearity-enhancing methods for max data rates.Learn More
Everything we make is available in a Rack-Mountable configuration, with an available color touch-screen control interface. These units also communicate via most industry-standard protocols and can be extensively customized.Learn More

All products can be configured for tower mounting or outdoor use with specifically designed housings that offer weatherproofing, thermal management, and active cooling if necessary for the harshest ambient temperature, shock, and vibration conditions.Learn More
Low Cost Single and Multi-Tone Units. Configure these USB controlled signal generators for your lab or automated test applications. They offer many features with low spurious output and high power capability, at a fraction of the cost of standard generators.Learn More
Triad RF offers a broad selection of low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) that have very low noise figure combined with excellent gain and linearity. These low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) leverage Triad’s extensive design knowledge, technical experience, manufacturing expertise, and superior quality. Finally, our low overhead business structure allows us to be very competitive in price.

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Tailored to Application-Specific Needs. We’ll ensure 100% compliance with every detail of your requirement, and utilize state-of-the-art RF design and production methods to deliver in-spec and on-time. If needed, we’ll also provide a comprehensive tradeoff analysis for cost, size, and power limited projects.Learn More