Our 2017 revenue increased over 30% compared to 2016. This growth can be attributed to several Triad products used by military companies around the globe. Some of these products successfully passed the rigors of MIL-STD testing including 810F and 461G and are now transmitting high speed data and video over long distances.

We are also experiencing growth in our unmanned aerial and ground vehicle (UAV & UGV) products. We are currently part of the payload in over eight major UAV platforms and one major UGV platform. Finally, our commercial MIMO BDAs continue to power many high data rate radio systems across the world in fixed, mobile, and aerial applications.

Our backlog has remained strong since the beginning of Q2. As a result we have increased our full-time staff by over 55%. We doubled our production personnel along with adding a seasoned Production Manager. We also increased our administration and inside sales staff allowing the original founders to focus on business development.