Triad RF ships an initial order for the TA1030. The GaN unit operates from 6400 MHz to 7200 MHz and produces over 50W of peak power.  It also produces over 10W of COFDM power with 16 QAM modulation.  In this linear mode, the unit is over 10% efficient which is 3X more efficient than a comparable GaAs amplifier.  The unit incorporates our Versatile DC Supply (VDS) allowing the user to operate over a range of DC input voltages from +9 to + 36 V.  The unit also has 60 dB of gain which allows it to get to 10W even when the radio’s maximum power is -20 dBm.

The stand alone module features a three color status LED located on the RF output side.  It shows if the SSPA has RF power, has DC voltage but is in stand-by, or if an alarm condition exists.  The amplifier housing is weatherproof per the guidelines of IP66.