Switching between Transmit (TX) and Receive (RX) in our Bi-Directional Amplifiers can be accomplished in two methods, manual or auto. Manual switching is preformed through a user-operated pin in a typical TTL configuration. A HIGH signal (+3V to +5V) will put the amplifier in TX mode which turns the receive side off, turns the transmit side on, and changes the internal switches to the transmit path. A LOW signal (0V) will put the amplifier in RX mode which turns the transmit side off, turns the receive side on, and changes the internal switches to the receive path.

Auto switching accomplishes the same tasks except the control to switch from one mode to the other is determined by the RF input power from the RADIO. The amplifier is constantly in RX mode until RF is detected from the RADIO. Once that power crosses a pre-determined threshold, typically 0 dBm (1 mW), the unit will turn on the transmit path. Once the detected power goes below -4 dBm, the unit will turn back to receive until RF is once again detected from the RADIO.