Triad RF ships its first upconverter, the TUC1001. The unit contains an RF amplifier used in a digital microwave transmitter.  The intermittent frequency (IF) is 900 MHz while the RF output ranges  from high L-Band to high S-Band.  The RF output power is +1 dBm when an analog signal is used and -9 dBm when a digital signal is used.  Local Oscillator (LO) leakage is -13 dBc and spurious signals are -60 dBc in-band and -20 dBc out of band.  The unit measures 1.6 x 1.5 x .4 inches, runs off of +15VDC and uses female SMA connectors for all 3 ports. Production quantities are expected before end of Q4, 2015.

This module adds to Triad’s family of products outside of amplifiers and provides us the expertise needed for our other products such as frequency translating amplifiers (FTA), up-down-converters, mixers, filters, signal sources and sub-systems.