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Triad RF Systems reports 1200% growth

Triad RF Systems reports 1200% revenue growth for 2013 over 2012. The growth is across most product lines including our linear power amplifiers and bi-directional amplifiers. The increase in sales is mainly due to our ability to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies within our products, allowing us to solve our customer’s problems in a timely fashion. These new designs produced industry leading linearity and efficiency, while at the same time, our low overhead allowed us to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to the customer. We have also strengthened our relationships with our contract manufacturers in order to improve our product quality and delivery schedules. Many of our vendors stepped up in 2013 to help us meet our customer’s compressed time schedules, a feat which we are most grateful. We look forward to continued improvements throughout our sales and manufacturing channels, allowing us to further our growth potential in 2014.

Triad RF Ships Order for TA1007 in Under One Week

Triad RF ships an order for a TA1007 in under a week due to our off-the-shelf stock that we maintain on all of our standard products. This allowed the end user to complete their high power tests in the small time-frame allotted to their test team. Triad RF is committed to be able to quickly respond to customer needs in order to meet most “need by yesterday” requirements.

Triad RF Receives Order for More TA1007 2.2 GHz Modules

Triad RF received an order for more TA1007 modules operating at 2.2 GHz for data communications. We received this order due to our ability to deliver in a very short time span as well as meet the customer’s cost goals. Our low overhead and agile production methods allowed us to meet these requirements. Further orders are expected in 2013.

Triad RF Receives Order for Prototype Video Amplifier

Triad RF has received an order for small, highly linear, wideband prototype amplifiers from a leading manufacturer of high quality video products. Our innovative linear design will integrate directly into the customer’s transmitters and produce higher power with less interference allowing the signal to travel further. Triad RF won the job due to its commitment to customer service and the ability to react quickly to the customer needs. Production is expected in Q1 2013.