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Bench Top

Triad RF Systems Designs Bench-Top Lab Unit for Leading Particle Physics Laboratory.

This lab unit is capable of a power output of 30 Watts and operates at a frequency range from 1200 MHz to 1400 MHz. The compact and rugged design of this system is ideal for bench-top testing and many other applications where both simplicity and portability are required.
Triad offers a wide variety of solutions as they are able to integrate any of their current amplifier products in a bench-top system. In addition they offer different styles of lab units ranging from small simple designs to touch screen enabled, feature packed designs.

Triad Ships The TA1186Q-HS to One Of The World’s Largest Test And Measurement Companies

Triad RF has provided one of the largest test and measurement companies with the TA1186Q-HS to be used in a semiconductor test rack application. This 20 Watt amplifier operates in a frequency range from 800 MHz to 6 GHz, making it a versatile solution for many test applications.

Triad RF Ships 30 MHz – 2500 MHz Bench Top Amplifier

Triad RF ships the TB1003 to a US government test laboratory. The bench top power amplifier operates from 30 MHz to 2500 MHz. It has a built-in VAC power supply and is fan cooled for optimal performance. Female N-Type connectors are on the front panel for both RF IN and RF OUT. An LED power switch is also on the front panel and is lit when the power is ON.

Almost all of Triad RF’s amplifiers can be installed into our bench top enclosure. Various power supplies can also be installed depending on the customer’s preferences. Call for more details.