The TTRM1116 is a high power, lightweight L-band bi-directional amplifier for use with UAV Video, Control, and Telemetry data links. Its small form factor coupled with its high power density make this amplifier a versatile solution for UAVs of any size. This amplifier has been field proven in UAV Video Links, demonstrating a range of over 120 Kilometers.

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Enter Required Frequency RangeMHz
Power Out (P1dB)dBm
Enter Required P1dB PowerdBm
Power Out (PSat)46dBm
Enter Required PSat PowerdBm
Rx Gain
Enter Required Gain or Gain RangedB
Gain Flatness0.30.5+/-dB
Enter Required Gain FlatnessdB
Input Return Loss-10 dB
Enter Required Input Return Loss dB
Supply Voltage101228VDC
Enter Required VDC RangeVDC
DC Current Draw (@P1dB)24A
Enter Current Draw limitsA

Dimensions4.93 x 2.53 x 0.7Ins.
Enter Max. Allowable Size (L,W,H, in)
RF ConnectorsSMA-F/SMA-F
Enter Input / Output RF Connectors Required
DC / Control Connector15 Pin Micro-D
Enter DC/Control Connector Required

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